Digital Strategy Case Study


Anderson Press buys and builds up recognizable companies, improves their business metrics and will then sell them to other companies to maintain them from there on out. Anderson Press had purchased Dalmatian Press and were just venturing out on their digital quest under the name of to build this company up. Funpup is a site that caters to parents of pre-school to early elementary-aged children and provides educational games, worksheets, coloring pages, books, and other projects. Anderson Press came to me because they needed help gaining awareness of their new brand name and making their site more functional.


Anderson Press came to me because their goal was to generate steady revenue streams in order to increase the value of the business for resale. They had a few sales here and there that spilled over from the Dalmatian Press name, but they needed to generate sales through the Funpup name. Given the current state of the company, I identified the following areas as primary areas of concern:

  • Brand Awareness – Because of the name change, the company had virtually no brand awareness. All that existed was a redirect from the previous Dalmatian Press website to the new Funpup site.
  • Site Traffic – Due to the redirect, they needed more organic traffic to the new site under the new Funpup name.
  • Conversion Optimization – They were in need of specific landing pages that made sense for potential customers to be able to comfortably complete their purchases.
  • Content / Product Generation – They were in need of a blog as well as getting many additional products listed on the site.

I started them out with an SEO audit to identify any issues they may have with the site. At the time of the audit, had well over 11,000 errors that would need to be corrected and the site was only ranking for one keyword. They had limited social media exposure under the Funpup name. They did not have a blog before I came in.

Strategy: had great potential from the beginning but was lacking a blog. Having quality blog content greatly helps build organic links to other sites. When people find great information on interesting subjects through a site or social media, they will share it with others creating more awareness of that brand and subject matter. The site was lacking a lot of activities such as coloring pages, activity pages, games, videos, and books. The first things that needed to happen with this site was to add more content, a blog and to improve overall exposure. This would include exposure through social media platforms as well as quality link building. There were several keywords that they could easily rank for if done correctly. The second thing that needed to happen simultaneously was to correct over 11,000 errors that were found on the site in combination with optimizing existing pages. Funpup also needed quality link building to other quality and relevant sites.


One of Funpup’s goals was to get more products uploaded and drive more traffic to the site as well as getting parents to sign up for the weekly newsletter. I was able to eliminate all of the major errors in just a couple of months by massaging high-quality keywords into the content of certain pages, URLs and page titles. I also tweaked code where necessary and redirected pages as needed. I requested links from relevant and reputable sites. I listed their products on Amazon, Google Shopping as well as creating and managing posts on Facebook and Twitter. I was able to help them upload more products to the entire site in addition to any other SEO and SEM services that I provided. There were all kinds of new twists and turns that Anderson Press wanted to do with this site each week. I dove in headfirst and we all worked together to make sure they got what they wanted out of the site’s performance.

For each area of concern, here are the types of things I implemented for the existing problems:

  • Brand Awareness – Requested links to relevant, quality sites using high-quality keywords in addition to social media posts.
  • Site Traffic – Implemented Facebook PPC ads and Google AdWords. I also linked up quality blog content to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Conversion Optimization – Optimized existing pages and created landing pages specific to products that trended higher in the search results.
  • Content / Product Generation – Created a blog and helped upload more products on their site as well as Amazon and Google Shopping.


In about 6 months, went from ranking for only one keyword to ranking for 40 keywords on the first page across all three major search engines. Their unique visitors increased by 300.99%. This was such a huge success that Anderson Press was approached by another company that ended up buying, which was their main goal.