Google Ads Case Study


Ergoflex Australia is a memory foam mattress company that does not have a showroom. They sell their mattresses based on reviews and word of mouth.

Problem Analysis / Diagnosis:

Ergoflex needed help with their sales. They had a Google AdWords campaign running, but it needed a lot of improvement.


We started with an overall audit of the account. We identified that we needed to do an overhaul on their existing keywords. We did a new keyword research to identify what keywords needed to stay and which ones to do away with. We reviewed all ad copies along with the click through rate and cost per conversion.

Tactics / Implementation:

After running a keyword research we added new keywords and added negative keywords. We are constantly A/B testing ad copies across all campaigns. We added new campaigns to hone in on specific keywords.

  • We created five campaigns to improve targeting and optimization capabilities:
  1. “Brand”
  2. “Content Network”
  3. “Targeted Content Network”
  4. “Competitors Campaign”
  5. “Product Listing”

By adding the “Product Listing” campaign, this added their products to Google Shopping to be found that way in addition to the traditional AdWords.

  • We adjusted landing page URLs and directed users to more specific pages to complete the conversion.
  • We added promotions, sales and other factors such as Free Shipping or 50% Sale Going On Now, in ads whenever possible.


To date we have been able to increase their annual revenue by $600,000 per year and are continually pushing to make them more each year.