Google Grant Ads Case Study


The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a nonprofit organization located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This museum caters to younger children to help grow specific educational skills while having fun.


The Children’s Museum of Atlanta came to us needing guidance with their Google Grant Adwords program in addition to a website overhaul. The museum was gearing up for it’s grand re-opening in December of 2015 and needed some extra help with exposure, membership sales and making sure they were using the adwords account correctly. 


What needed to happen for the museum was to do an overhaul on the entire adwords account ensuring everything was set up from the start within the guidelines that Google has laid out for the Google Grants program. This included making sure that geolocations were correct, the click through rate (CTR)* was at the right percentage, quality scores for all keywords were at the appropriate level, conversion tracking was installed and working correctly as well as all other metrics were within compliance. 


One of the major goals of the museum was to drive membership sales. In order to do this and stay within compliance we set up campaigns including related ad groups within those campaigns. Those ad groups also included tightly knit keywords, ads, extensions, etc. We also continually test all ad copy and keywords along with the keyword bids. Here is a list of the campaigns we set up within the account:

  • Brand Georgia (this includes all brand name variations that only target the state of Georgia)
  • CMA (this campaign includes ad groups for the Event Calendar, Member Perks, Holidays/School Breaks, Teachers/Educators, General Memberships, Donate Non-Brand, Exhibits, Donate Brand, Exhibits – Atlanta, Field Trips and more)
  • National Campaign
  • Special Events
  • Memberships
  • Educators
  • Outside of Georgia
  • Exhibits
  • Programs
  • Parties
  • Grand Re-Opening
  • International

A few of CMA’s other goals were to drive more traffic to the site, increase donations, increase visibility for exhibits, events and programs in addition to increasing membership sales.  


In less than 5 months, we were able to convert the museum’s current $10K Google Grant program to the $40K per month adspend level. Additionally we have been able to keep a click through rate (CTR)* of around 8% for the entire account which is a significant improvement. We have not only been able to drive more traffic and awareness of events, exhibits and programs, but the membership sales have also increased substantially. We have been able to increase their overall adwords clicks and engagement by 68.68% as well as reduce the cost per click by 23.71% since December 2015.

*Click through rate is the rate at which your PPC ads are clicked. This number is the percentage of people who view your ad (impressions) and then actually go on to click the ad (clicks). The formula for CTR looks like this: (Total clicks on ad) / (Total impressions) = Click Through Rate.